iPhone 4 Repairs

iPhone 4 Repairs
All iPhones are repaired by experienced technicians and backed by 1 year warranty on parts and service. We use high quality parts. Quick turnaround, most iPhones are repaired while you wait. Walk-Ins are welcome.
iPhone 4 screen repair
iPhone 4 Repairs
All Prices Include Parts and Labor
Screen Repair:
Battery Repair: $24.99
Home Button Repair: $29.99
Power Button Repair: $34.99
Volume Button Repair: $34.99
Mute Switch Repair: $34.99
Charger Port Repair: $34.99
Front Camera Repair: $34.99
Rear Camera Repair: $34.99
Earpiece Speaker Repair: $34.99
Ringer Speaker Repair: $34.99
Headphone Jack Repair: $34.99
Microphone Repair: $34.99
Siri Sound Repair: $34.99
Screen Sensor Repair: $34.99
Vibrator Repair: $34.99
Walk Ins Welcome
6th Year In Business
Highly Trained Technicians
Quality Parts
Quick Service
1 Year Warranty
Parts We Use
We value our clients and want to make sure they are completely satisfied with our service. A good repair demands good parts. We don’t cut corners to save money when it comes to parts. We make sure all the parts we buy are of the highest quality. You can rest assured you will be receiving great parts when you bring your devices for repair to CERTIFIED CELL PHONE AND TABLET REPAIR DALLAS

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